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SPAT: Worth Its Bytes in Gold

By   /  April 27, 2012  /  Software Effects  /  No Comments


SPAT. Say good bye to the old pan and send method of mixing and say hello to a true room acoustic simulator. On the surface, SPAT, seems as if it’s too hard to use for practical purposes. But that’s on the surface.

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FORTI/SERTI: VSL’s Spatial Placement Secret Weapon

By   /  April 14, 2012  /  Software Effects  /  No Comments


The 64Bit Vienna Suite with Ernest Cholakis’ FORTI/SERTI makes VSL the Proctor & Gamble of spatial placement with a solution appealing to composers, recording engineers, film mixers, sound designers, and post-production folks.

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Spat 2: Positioning the Strings and a Flute

By   /  April 4, 2012  /  Software Effects  /  No Comments


With SPAT, you can create your own scoring stage.

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